Dental education, Professional cleanings, periodontal therapy,  digital x-rays & fluoride varnish

At Madison-Nelson Family Dentistry, we feel good dental education is one of the most important parts of having and maintaing a healthy mouth.    We find that lots of our patients were never shown the proper way to brush or floss or how to best prevent cavities/decay.   In addition to receiving a professional cleaning, you'll also receive a cancer screening, and  periodontal screening.   Depending on a number of different factors, we'll also evaluate whether you need high quality, fast digital intra-oral dental x-rays and/or if an extra-oral digital panoramic x-ray may be needed.  We recommend most children and some high cavity risk adults receive a special flouride varnish on their teeth to help lower their cavity risk

Crowns, cosmetic veneers, composite bonding

We offer a large assortment of cosmetic and functional treatments for individual teeth.  Whether you need an ultra-high strength zirconia crown on a back molar tooth, you need a special shade match to help fix an anterior tooth or you're looking for some "movie star" porcelain veneers we've got you covered.   Since everyone has a different idea of ideal and what looks good, we'll do everything we can to make you happy.  As with most things, we feel the key to a successful outcome is good communication.

Implant restoration and placement, bridges, partial dentures & full dentures
Other Services

Implants are the most successful thing in dentistry and will likely outlast any other dental work performed.   The implant process involves initally evaluating the area for proper bone.   Patient's with adequate bone can generally receive their implants in the office, but sometimes will be referred to an oral surgeon for that procedure.   Generally, the implant will be allowed to heal and integrate with the bone for several months until we can place it into service anchoring crowns, bridges or dentures.  If implants are not an option, fixed bridges or dentures can also be a nice way to replace teeth.



We also offer a wide variety of other services including: clear orthodontic braces(ClearCorrect),  soft tissue laser treatments, professional bleaching(Opalescence),  TMJ evaluation and treatment, retainers, nightguards, athletic mouthguards, nitrous oxide sedation, endodontic treatment for both anterior and posterior teeth, general oral surgery, extraction of teeth and many other services.